Gia’s Cheesorizo – Taking Cheese to a New Level

 Original Cheese Sausage® and CheeseSteaks!™

Natural Non-melting Seasoned and Simple Cooking Cheeses

      • Gia’s original inspiration flavor, Ancho Chili & Cumin (originally Fiesta) is inspired by fresh Mexican style chorizo sausage.

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        Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage topped pizza were Gia’s muses for delicious and versatile Basil & Oregon (orginally Italian) flavor Cheesorizo.

        From breakfast patties to the ultimate vegetarian Thanksgiving stuffing, Sage & Black Pepper (originally Sage) Cheesorizo is hard to beat.


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      You will find Cheesorizo at fine grocery and natural food stores. Click to view store list.

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      “I grew up eating authentic, homemade chorizo and I like this better!” Claudia Z. Modesto, California