The Cheesorizo® Story – From Dream to Reality

Gianaclis (gee-on-a-klees) a cheesemaker and a long-time vegetarian, had been craving a spicy, savory, satisfying, sausage-like food to enjoy with eggs, on salads, and in tacos. Gluten intolerance made many of the commonly available products untenable, and soy chorizo brands didn’t cook crisp and seemed sweet and watery.

One night in 2013,  midway through a three-day cheesemaking class at her creamery, Pholia Farm, in Oregon, Gianaclis awoke with a start, set up in bed, and said “Cheesorizo”. In her dream, she had envisioned making non-melting cheese, crumbling it, and mixing in spices to create a spicy, fresh sausage-like product that tasted like Mexican chorizo . It sounded so delicious and seemed plausible, so she made her first batch that morning and served it to the cheesemaking class who raved about the flavor and could not believe it didn’t contain meat.

Christine and Gia

Christine and Gianaclis in 2011

Gianaclis perfected her original Cheesorizo® recipe over many months and after many experiments with spices and flavors and taste tests with family and friends. Her goal then and now, is to use only high quality milk, the best herbs and spices, and never add any fillers or binders – just pure vegetarian cheese and seasonings. Following the perfecting of her Fiesta flavor mix, she created an Italian sausage inspired spice blend and then a breakfast country sausage “Sage” blend. Flavors for all occasions!

Thrilled with the product, Gianaclis and her husband Vern, owners of Pholia Farm Creamery, along with their long-time friends Christine and Bob DeMont decided to combine forces and form Wellmont Farms, LLC to make Cheesorizo® available to everyone.  We hope that you are as excited about this new product as we have been. Enjoy!

Gia (Gianaclis) with her Pholia Farm cheeses

Gianaclis with her Pholia Farm cheeses

Vern and Gianaclis in the production room