CheeseSteak Pizza – Cheese Crust

Pizza with no flours or grains. Low carb, keto, gluten free, high protein and easy!

CheeseSausage and Egg NoMuffin

Low carb, ketogenic, vegetarian, satisfying, out of this world breakfast

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich – no Bread!

Low-carb, ketogenic and awesome! Super filling and satisfying.

Cheesorizo Fundido (Queso Sauce and Dip)

Wow them with this handmade, clean ingredient cheese sauce for dipping and nachos. Super easy and a real crowd pleaser.

Pad Thai with Ginger Teriyaki CheeseSteak

Our founders own recipe for vegetarian Pad Thai (add some fish sauce later if you want). Super delicious!

Holiday Stuffing

Simple and delicious holiday stuffing or dressing using Sage Black Pepper Cheesorizo

Fiesta Enchiladas with Winter Veggies

Winter veggies and spicy, satisfying Fiesta Cheesorizo combine to make this dish a sure hit! Use the homemade enchilada sauce recipe or to save time, buy one already made.

Brussel Sprouts with Creamy Mushroom and Cheesorizo Sauce

Green "meatballs"! A great winter dish, when local, farm-fresh brussel sprouts are at their peak. Served here with oven baked delicata squash rings.

Tortilla Soup

Vegetarian version of spicy, south of the border classic

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Healthy and hearty - roasted acorn squash stuffed with Portabello mushrooms and Sage Cheesorizo®