Gia’s “Sausage” Gravy and Biscuits

Hearty, savory gluten free, vegetarian Sage Cheesorizo cheese sausage biscuits and gravy

Cheesorizo® Veggie Burger Patties

The best veggie burger ever! Firm, juicy, delicious and gluten-free!

Collard Wraps with Sriracha and Sage Cheesorizo®

Lightly steamed collard leaves filled with savory Sage Cheesorizo, basmati rice, sauted vidalio onion, and topped with Sriracha

Savory Cornbread with Cheesorizo®

Made with fresh, uncooked Cheesorizo® mixed right into the batter and then topped with more before baking. This recipe, when made with Sage flavor Cheesorizo® makes a great cornbread stuffing!
Vegetarian, Gluten Free

The Haul’s Butternut Squash and Cheesorizo Tacos with Pickled Onion and Aioli

Executive chef Chad Hahn from The Haul Cafe and Provisions, Grants Pass, Oregon provided this delicious recipe. Visit them on Facebook - The Haul Grants Pass.
Gluten free, vegetarian

Mac n’ Cheesorizo®

Forget the bread crumbs, top your Macaroni and Cheese with Cheesorizo instead!
Vegetarian, Gluten Free if GF pasta is used

Potatoes au Gratin topped with Sage Cheesorizo®

What could be better than cheesy potatoes topped with spicy, savory Cheesorizo®?

Italian Cheesorizo® Cheese-Sausage Pizza

Perfectly savory and satisfying for veggies and meat eaters alike!
Vegetarian, Gluten free if GF crusts are used

Crimini Mushroom Caps Stuffed with Cheesorizo®

Wow your guests with this quick and tasty recipe.
Vegetarian, Gluten Free