We are proud of making Cheesorizo – what it contains and how we make it.  We make everything from scratch. All in our creamery at Pholia Farm in beautiful Rogue River, Oregon. And by the way – all with electricity created here on the farm through solar panels, water power (microhydro), and the occasional use of a back-up generator.

Why it’s Special

To keep Cheesorizo vegetarian (not vegan, of course!) we don’t use any rennet coagulant.  Instead we form the curd using apple cider vinegar. Because of the way Cheesorizo® is made, it will not melt. That means it can be sautéed, fried, baked, and used in countless, versatile ways to add flavor and excitement to so many of your favorite dishes.  It’s naturally lower in fat than it’s meat cousins and doesn’t contain any binders or additives it crumbles when cooked. But don’t despair, it is quite simple to add an egg and bread crumbs or oats to make tasty meatballs and patties! (see our recipe section)

A Bit about Milk

Cheesorizo® starts with cheese. And the best cheese starts with the best milk. Fortunately, Oregon, with it’s green pastures and pure water, is not lacking for wonderful milk. We use fresh, local whole cow’s milk, rBST free of course, and hand craft it into soft, fresh cheese. We then spice it just so, with Gia’s secret recipes, using only the best quality herbs and spices and package it into casings.