Cheesorizo® Original Cheese Sausage™

Our Original Cheese Sausage is made with only natural, high quality ingredients including herbs and spices;  sea salt; real apple cider vinegar; and tasty nutritional yeast (not yeast extract!). And of course the best whole cow’s milk we can find!

We don’t add extra water either, so one little chub of Cheesorizo® fluffs up during cooking instead of shrinking, unlike many other vegetarian sausage substitutes and meat sausage too.

We source our spices from Oregon Spice Company, our nutritional yeast from Bob’s Red Mill in Oregon, and our milk from Umpqua Dairy, another regional Oregon based company.

Cheesorizo® CheeseSteaks™

When we were developing CheeseSteaks, we experimented with several ready made sauces, but most contained wheat and/or anchovies – products we won’t use at Gia’s Cheesorizo. As with our spice blends for Original Cheese Sausage, that Gianaclis developed after hours of fun experimentation, it seemed the right thing to create our own sauces.

We use organic sugar, when sweetness is needed, organic tomato purees, high quality spices, from Oregon Spice Company.  and tamari sauce – instead of regular soy sauce. Watch for more delicious flavors to come!

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