Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich – no Bread!

March 16, 2018


Low-carb, ketogenic and awesome! Super filling and satisfying.


1 Cheesorizo Cheesesteak cut in half

1 oz grated cheddar

1 oz garlic curds chopped (or any other cheese you like!)

1 TB butter or olive oil

1 Tsp spicy mustard

Optional Onion slices grilled in butter

Optional (but awesome) Cheesorizo Cheese Sausage crumbles


In non-stick or cast iron pan heat butter or olive oil to medium high

Saute Cheesesteak slices on both sides until warm, about 2 min per side

Spread mustard on both sides of steak and add cheese to each side and turn heat to low, cover with a lid and cook for 1 minute

Put two halves of sandwich together and continue to heat, covered, until cheese is melted, turn if necessary

Serve with grilled onions. Kimchi is great on the side too, and even better, Cheeseorizo Cheese Sausage crumbles added to melting cheese