A Cheese Plant with it’s own Green Power Plant!

At Pholia Farm, the Caldwell’s farmstead cheese company and production site of Cheesorizo®, renewable energy, permaculture practices, and forest restoration are just a few of the ways that we attempt to positively affect the land and environment. The farm is completely off the power grid and produces its own electricity from solar photo-voltaics, micro-hydro power in the winter, and a back up generator for emergencies. A solar hot water system and wood (mostly salvaged from dying trees on the farm) fired boiler help heat the water.

A Commitment to Reducing Waste

In an attempt to reduce packaging waste, we chose a plastic casing that provides protection for the product, without the need for a second box or plastic container. The waste produced is minimal. We recycle every spec of ingredient packaging that is recyclable – including collecting and transporting special plastics once a year! All of the whey produced in the creamery (and when you make cheese, you also make a lot of whey) is given to a local pig farmer or spread on our fields to help return water and nutrients to the land.

When you are enjoying the Original Cheese Sausage ® you are also a part of something good for the earth. Thank you.